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The Service We Provide



We offer an array of services and options to our clients in helping them realize the solutions they need.


Loan Modifications

This is a re-structing of your loan terms, resulting in a potential lower mortgage payment, where past due payments are also potentially put on the back end of the loan resulting in a return to normalcy.


Repayment plan

Depending on your financial stance we may be able to present this option to your lender either through the loan mod process or the negotiation process.


Account Research

Are the numbers not lining up ? Does it seem like your lender is overcharging or tacking on more money ? No worries we can look into this for you. If they are wrong we will talk to them to try and clear any errors up for you.


Legal Services

Our company is partnered with LegalShield, a half century old company that specializes in giving our clients access to the best attorneys needed on any legal matter, nationwide. 


Lender Negotiations

We know what your lenders are looking for and can speak their language in getting to a solution to the problem.  


Payoff Settlement

We can negotiate with your lender and potentially come to an agreement to a reduced payoff amount on your loan.


Foreclosure Dismissals

We make sure that your foreclosure is dismissed in the courts. We communicate with your lenders attorneys to make sure this happens when the time comes for it to happen.


Appeals on Denials

Even if your denied for a loan modification or any other workout options, with us on your side we may be able to turn a denial into an approval.  


Foreclosure Defense

This is critical for buying you the time needed while working out a permanent solution. Our Legal services with LegalShield has you covered nationwide.



If you want to "nip the problem in the bud", our legal services with LegalShield has you covered. This is a guaranteed solution in helping you keep your home. 



Need funding ? Need to buy a new car, home or even get caught up with your past due payments? Try and apply today. Approvals are based on creditworthiness and there are no hard pulls in attempting to find out if your qualify.


Homeowners Insurance Claims

Have you been going back and forth with your homeowners insurance company & lender for way too long? We have the experience and knowledge of the process and are able to shorten the time it takes for you to finally receive your insurance money.  




Credit Repair/Restoration & Debt Settlement

Depending on a number of variables this option may be viable. If not through your lender, we have a network of loan officers and mortgage brokerages that may be able to help.

Need to fix the damage done to your credit ? No problem, with IDShield & LegalShield this can be easily done. IDShield focuses on credit restoration, meanwhile the right attorney can handle the rest through your LegalShield membership.


Sell Options

Whether your looking for a regular sale, a fast cash offer, short sale or sell and stay as a tenant in the home, we have the resources to offer you the solution you are looking for. 





Recovery of Surplus Funds


Solar Energy

If you lost your home to foreclosure or an auction, did you know that money may be owed to you even if you lost your home? Call us for a free consultation regarding surplus money that may be owed to you. 

Ever wonder if there was a better alternative to what you have in terms of health insurance? Well look no further.

Rising energy costs make this almost necessary if you own a home. Learn more on how we can help you stabilize your household energy costs.

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